Policy & Need to Knows – UrbanBLKGirl

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Policy & Need to Knows


• Orders take up to a week for processing and 3-5 days for shipping. We usually ship out on Saturdays! 💗 If any delays occur, updates will be posted on our IG stories and notices will be sent to customer emails! 

• Shirts that are dropshipped* will come separate with order. A separate tracking number will be sent to email upon order.

*All shirts that are dropshipped will be specified in their respective descriptions, please read! (Shipped by USPS)



• We are not responsible for any lost items, however in such an event where an item is lost, please reach out to us and we will accommodate any special circumstances and assist you on how to contact USPS effectively.

• When placing orders, please double check that all information is 100% correct! (We can fix it, but it takes time away from you receiving your goodies!)

• All orders are shipped by USPS unless specified otherwise.



• If an item comes damaged or not as described, please contact info@urbanblkgirl.com with proof (Images, tracking number, etc) and we WILL help you! In any other event, all sales are final. 

• Please read all descriptions of products to be 100% sure of what you will be receiving.